Checking the Gate: A Film and Religion Podcast

Welcome to home of “Checking the Gate: A Film and Religion Podcast.” This is a show for those spiritual people who love film, and also those cinefiles feel that there is more to life than what we know. Each month, Robert and Mike will look at a movie and evaluate its artistic merits (or lack thereof) and how it displays the worldviews of the film makers. They will also take into account critical and popular opinion to see if these motion pictures are truly spiritual barometers. To learn more about the academic niche of Film and Religion, check out the Link page which will direct you towards the guy’s favorite websites which cover both subjects as well as the podcasts that serve as their inspiration.

Hi! Robert here. The first movie we will examine is Avatar. We picked this movie because, as it is the top grossing movie of all time, most of you have probably already seen it and will have no problem listening in on me and Mike’s keen insights. First, will give some more background into the field of Film and Religion and then we will delve into our analysis. The main site is still under construction, but the first podcast should be up by the end of May.


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