Checking the Gate:Episode Three-Superman Super-Special

Hello faithful listeners! Episode three of our humble podcast is the Superman Super-Special. We look at the Christ-like imagery as it is seen in the movie “Superman Returns” and the television show “Smallville” and try to determine if it is an artistic or commercial decision on the part of the film makers. Here are some of the articles referenced during the podcast for your own study.

Some view new Superman as Christ Figure

Clark Kent is Jesus Christ Superman

God in a Cape?

Next time we will be looking at the David Lynch movie “Dune” starring Kyle MacLachlan, Sean Young, and Sting. Our TV Corner will look at a few selected episodes of “Futurama” in honor of its return this month to Comedy Central. Please leave any comments or complaints for us at Remember this next episode will be up at the end of July. Until then, keep the faith and peace out!

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