Episode 48: Last Days in the Desert


Welcome, to what has inadvertantly become a bimonthly podcast. The Bible tells us that Jesus spent forty days in the desert fasting, and at the end of those day he was tempted by the devil. Did you ever wonder what happend on the other 39 days? Well, you can keep wondering, because you will not find a satisfactory answer in the Ewan McGreggor vehicle Last Days in the Desert. After Mike and I give our review on that film (with, naturally, a tangent into the artistic quality of the Star Wars Special Editions), we review the funny but now defunct TV Land show "Impastor."

Next time we will dive into Scorcese's new and misunderstood movie Silence starring Andrew Garfield, Liam Neeson and Adam Driver. (Expect more Star Wars tangents, it's a safe bet.) And in TV Corner we review the recent HBO series "The Young Pope" staring Jude Law, Diane Keaton, and James Cromwell.

The Young Pope trailer in IMDB

Silence trailer on YouTube


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