Episode 55:Leap of Faith


A happy Jesus morning to you, as Eanest Angley would say.  We have another themed episode all about Televangelists. First up is the Steve Martin classic, Leap of Faith, with a whole cast of "look who that was before they were famous!" Then in TV corner, we watch some real evengelists, taking a look at Pat Robertson's "The 700 Club," Jim Bakker's new YouTube channel, and local NE Ohio televangelist Ernest Angley.

IMDb -  Leap of Faith (1992)

This Former 700 Club Producer Wants to “Make Amends to a Whole Generation of Christians”

ABC Family, No Matter What It Calls Itself, Can’t Get Rid of Pat Robertson’s The 700 Club

The Jim Bakker Show

The shocking allegations rocking Rev. Ernest Angley’s Ohio megachurch

Appeals court overturns ruling against televangelist Ernest Angley over use of unpaid workers at buffet

Guardians sue Ernest Angley Ministries on behalf of elderly Chicago woman

Next time we look at just a few of the plethora of movies that have arrived in time for Easter this year, Samson and Paul, Apostle of Christ. In TV corner we have the live Easter special "Jesus Christ Superstar" We'll see you then!


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