Episode Fifteen - Prometheus

Greetings!  For the last month since Prometheus was released, the whole internet community has been scratching their heads, asking questions, and submitting theories over Ridley Scott's latest cinematic journey.  We join in the fervor with our latest episode as we look at some of the popular theories and give you some of our own. As always we try to hone in on the religious subtext.   Space Jesus, Xenomorph worshipers, the mystery of Creation--we look at it all.  Plus, we add in some extra dialogue from our episode on Paul to add to the creation conversation.  Here are the links we refer to during the show.

Prometheus Hard Core Review - Part 1 Massive Dissection - SPOILERS -by comicbookgirl19

cavalorn: Prometheus Unbound: What The Movie Was Actually About

Prometheus Will Retcon AVP! « furiousfanboys.com



Next time we will (finally) do a show we planned several months ago, but postponed for our Easter episode.  We are going to check out the original "Metropolis," and in the TV Corner, "Caprica."  Both can be found on Netflix, DVD, and Blu-Ray.

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