Episode Fourteen - Kingdom of Heaven

Welcome to Episode 14 of CTGPodcast on Ridley Scott’s “Kingdom of Heaven.” Mike and I are eagerly anticipating the release of Scott’s new movie “Prometheus,” so we decided to take another look at his epic of the Third Crusade. We also have some fun extras that we cut from older episodes for time or for being tangential.

Prometheus - Movie Trailers - iTunes

Kingdom of Heaven (2005) - IMDb

The Third Crusade - Middle Ages


The Babble On Project - GeekPlanetOnline.com

Given the super secret nature of the “Prometheus” marketing campaign, it is hard to tell how much theological issues will be touched on in the film, although early interviews and more recent reviews seem to suggest it is more than worthy for our podcast. Though we are tentatively planning on reviewing this movie next month, we are going to err on the side of caution. Watch this website, our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/CTGPodcast), or our Twitter feed (twitter.com/CTGPodcast) for any updates.

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