Episode Thirteen-Anniversary Special-The Ten

May the Fourth be with you!  This month's episode happens to fall on National Star Wars day, but we here at CTGPodcast are celebrating for a different reason. We have been at this for a year now, and Mike and I thank you for listening to us!  So in this super-sized episode we have our reviews of "The Ten" starring Paul Rudd, among others, "The Simpsons," and a variety of outtakes that we have accumulated over the last year.  For further investigation you can check out these resources:

Exodus 20 NIV - The Ten Commandments - And God spoke - Bible Gateway

Simpsons Have Soul

Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly . FEATURE . Religion and the Simpsons . July 27, 2007 | PBS

The Simpsons Archive: Religion on the Simpsons

Religion in The Simpsons - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Next month we are going to look at the Ridley Scott movie "Kingdom of Heaven" and also listen to some extra conversations that didn't make it into previous episodes. Thank you again for listening and have a blessed day!

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