Episode Thirty Seven: Retro Episode-Oh God! and Highway to Heaven

retro-font-01.jpgSeason Greetings! We hope you are all well this Christmas Eve. This episode has been delayed not because of poor health of your hosts (which has happened in the past), but because of the failing health of the laptop used to produce this podcast.  The issues seem to have been resolved, and so you get this present from Mike and Robert so you can listen to us express our opinions as you are on your way to various worship services and family get-togethers.

On our next episode we will be tempting fate once again by reviewing the just released religious epic Exodus: Gods and Kings and the Hanna-Barbera children's series "The Greatest Adventure: Stories from the Bible." We have already seen the movie which is currently in theaters, and the show is available on YouTube and DVD. As they say in the year 3001, Merry Xmas!

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